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Selling a House As-Is in Missouri: The Pros & Cons of Each Situation

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Even though the steps for selling a house are the same no matter where you live, Missouri’s laws and customs about real estate are different in some ways. Early process familiarization will aid in the prevention of problems later on.

Selling your house in its current condition could seem like a good option. It may seem like a way to simplify your life and reduce stress if you are aware of issues with your property. Nonetheless, the practicality of selling your house this way might not provide the outcome you hope for.

You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of selling your house as-is before making a decision. Let’s look at the factors you should consider before deciding to sell your house as-is.

What Selling As-Is Means

When you sell a home “as-is,” you do so knowing that no repairs will be made and that the property will be sold with all of its current flaws and problems.

The phrase “as-is” has a legal meaning, and the buyer will probably have to sign papers to show that they understand how the deal works. Most of the time, the purchase and sale agreement will say if you are buying a house “as-is.”

What Not Selling a House As-Is Means

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners think they are exempt from any of the duties associated with selling a house if they sell it “as-is.” Without disclosing or discussing any issues with the property, they think they can sell the house for whatever amount they can get.

Even if you are selling the property “as-is,” you are still required by state law to tell people the truth about any problems with it when they ask.

Pros of Selling a House As-Is

Quicker Sale 

You can list your home quickly as you won’t need to do any repairs. You can attract potential customers faster if you start marketing your home right away. If you sell your house “as-is,” you won’t even need to advertise.

Faithful Home Buyers KC will make you a free, no-obligation offer for your house within 24 hours and will also provide you with a free quotation and an estimate of what they will pay for your house.

No Repairs Needed

You don’t need to perform any home renovations if you’re selling a house as-is. Depending on the state of your house, substantial repairs might cost you more than $10,000. Not everyone has access to those resources. People who have the resources might not want to participate in such a task. You can avoid these issues when you sell a property “as-is.”

Simpler Process

Any “as-is” property is more likely to get an all-cash offer. With these deals, you can skip the mortgage approval process and speed up the closing process. You’ll also have fewer things to bargain over after accepting an offer. Depending on what an inspector discovers, buyers can bargain for discounts. Making it clear from the start that your house is being sold “as-is” may ease tension during the negotiating process.

Fewer Costs

You can save on closing expenses and ownership costs by selling the property as-is. House maintenance, property taxes, and other costs will no longer be your responsibility. Some homeowners take on debt to renovate their properties before selling them. Selling your house in its existing state can help you avoid the dangerous route of taking on debt.

Fewer Contingencies

A seller’s risk is increased by contingencies. Deals that are contingent must meet certain criteria in order to become final. Some contracts have so many possible outcomes that a single violation can make the whole thing useless. The risk of selling a house “as-is” would be lower. If you lower your asking price, you might get an all-cash offer, which means you don’t have to worry about getting a loan. 

The Cons of Selling As-Is

A house being sold “as-is” may, as you might expect, have certain disadvantages for the seller. These problems can make it harder to sell the house and cause the price to be less than expected.

Difficult to Find the Right Price

Finding the ideal selling price for a house can be challenging, but with an as-is sale, it could be much more challenging. You won’t find any buyers if the price is too high, and the opposite may be true if you market your property too cheaply.

Buyers could suspect something is very amiss if you advertise your house for $300,000 while the genuine market value is $350,000. Instead of believing they can get a good bargain, they will just ignore your home. It won’t deter all purchasers, though; at this point, the property vultures will try to purchase it for even less.

A Buyer Can Walkaway

Even if a buyer makes an “as-is” offer, that doesn’t mean they have to buy your house. Most as-is contracts give the buyer a certain amount of time to back out of the deal. They could set up an inspection of the house within this time, find that it needs too much work, and then back out of the deal. In some cases, the buyer may have to pay for the house inspection, but in return they may get their whole escrow deposit back. This implies that your house can go off the market for several weeks before returning.

Low Offers

Lowball offers could result from selling a house as-is. The bids you get from buyers will show how quickly they think you want to sell. Therefore, even if your property is in good shape, you can get far less than the market value for it. Additionally, the offers are lower the longer a house is on the market. 

Buyer Perceptions

There may be problems with a house if it is being offered “as-is.” This isn’t always the case, though; sometimes a seller will opt to offer an item “as-is” simply because it’s more practical. However, a buyer likely doesn’t know this.

Be aware that your property might not be as enticing to purchasers if you decide to sell it as-is. It can also make fewer people interested in buying, which makes it less likely that someone will make you an offer.


You can get out of your home faster if you sell it as-is. There won’t be as many difficulties while closing. You can start the next phase of your life and get rid of everything that would have turned into a financial burden thanks to our expedited procedure.
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