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How Do I Sell My House in Kansas City? (Free Guide)

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The biggest financial decision you’ll ever make will be to buy a house. The financial component of selling your house is often the most frightening. Is your house subject to a lien? What amount is escrowed? Will it be advantageous to sell your home?

It doesn’t have to be expensive to sell your home, and by working with a real estate agent, you’ll know where to put your money to get the most return. Your road to successfully selling your house can be pleasurable and straightforward with a basic idea of what to anticipate and the invaluable advice of a realtor, even if the process may seem intimidating and complicated. Here’s a free guide with tips on how to sell your house fast in Kansas City at a competitive price.

How to Sell Your House in Kansas City

1. Describe your property in detail

The description of your home must be included in the listing once you have set a fair price for it. The description ought to be state-centric and enticing enough to draw in customers. In Kansas, homeowners who are selling their own homes must submit a legal address for the property, including a number of house-related disclosures. Most of the time, the disclosures provide all the details necessary for a perfect property description. You may also provide information on nearby facilities, such as the closest school districts and their ratings.

2. Set a competitive price for your home

Pricing your house reasonably (in tune with current market trends) is a crucial action for owners. Given that regional market trends differ, a seller must be aware of the state price at which they’re selling the property. The list price’s goal is to entice customers to buy your offering. It’s not your sale price.

To find the best selling price for a home, realtors do what is known as a comparative market analysis (CMA). You can quickly generate your CMA using Redfin and Zillow and learn how to sell your own house in Kansas.

3. Hire a realtor

It’s crucial to have professionals on your side as you navigate key life events. You should consult a tax expert for guidance if there are complex tax issues. The importance and complexity of property transactions are comparable. You require the direction and knowledge of a professional when making decisions as important as selling your property. Realtors are prepared to help you at every turn with a plan of action and a dedication to upholding your best interests.

4. Consider “For Sale By Owner” offers

You can sell a home “FSBO” (for sale by owner). The pillars of how to respond to bids for your house, however, remain the same: Ignore (not recommended), decline, or accept the offers. We advise you to carefully consider each offer and never turn one down. You should respond with the offer you would take, even if it is a low one. Simply decline politely when you’re confident that you don’t want to accept or counter. Every single real estate agent has two sophisticated strategies in their toolbox: contesting an offer or requesting the highest and best bid. You must master these two strategies if you want to market and sell a home by owner in Kansas, MO.

5. Listing agreements

You will talk about and agree to a listing contract before your realtor formally lists your house for sale. The basis of your house sale is this contract, which also authorizes your agent to act on your behalf. The agreement’s precise parameters, such as the duration of the listing period, expiration date, list price, remuneration, and other information, are also outlined in the contract.

6. House safety and showings 

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Once your house is on the market, real estate agents will start setting up appointments for their clients to see it. They’ll use a safe lockbox and key system that gives people easy and verified access to your house. You and your selling agent can work together to establish clear showing preferences.

While key and lockbox systems provide a crucial level of protection, it’s also crucial to consult your realtor about the best ways to get your house ready for showings, including protecting your pets and storing valuables, medication, and sensitive documentation in a secure location.

7. The MLS and marketing

Having a thorough and multifaceted strategy is to your best advantage if you want to increase the visibility of your home to the most possible purchasers. The marketing strategy might encompass everything from email marketing and internet advertising (social media, company or agent websites, online listing portals) to photography and open house events.

The local (MLS) Multiple Listing Service is the most efficient and crucial component of the marketing strategy. The MLS is a database of houses on the market for sale. Over 11,000 realtors in the Kansas City area alone collaborate to advertise their properties to one another through the MLS. Realtors can start matching your home with prospective buyers and schedule showing appointments once it becomes an active listing on the MLS.

8. Get ready for appraisals and inspections

The majority of purchasers make a house inspection a requirement of their offer. The preparation you did before your first exhibit could help you be prepared for the inspection, even though a home inspector should look deeper into your property than a buyer will. You can also get specialized counsel from your agent.

A skilled home inspector will conduct a comprehensive examination of your house’s systems and structure. The inspection report can be used by buyers to decide whether to withdraw their offer if a significant problem is found or to demand repairs if the contract is conditional on a positive report. In some circumstances, a house inspection serves just as information for the purchasers and cannot be utilized as a negotiating tool.

The typical price of a home inspection in Kansas is $380. The age and size of the home will affect how much an inspection will cost.

An appraisal is often ordered by a financial institution or mortgage lender to determine the right value of a certain property. The lender chooses the amount that should be included in the mortgage based on the results of the licensed appraisal agents’ work. This is essential whether selling a property in Kansas (and any other state) with or without a realtor since it protects the buyer against inflated sale prices.

9. The closing process 

The money and legal papers that officially transfer ownership of your property to the buyer are transferred at the completion stage of the deal. Prior to the closing date, all commitments made in the contract document, such as the promised house repairs, must be fulfilled.

During the closing process, it’s crucial to collaborate closely with your agent to make sure closing procedures, particularly money transfers, are completed carefully and safely. When the title deed has been registered and all the money has been provided, the closing is finished. Your house has now been sold and the new owner has been awarded possession.


Selecting the real estate firm and agent who will work with you is one of the most important choices. Choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent to guide you every step of the journey, just as we did. At Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC, we are more than simply real estate brokers and investors; we’re both! We are Kansas City house buyers who pay cash. This gives you a wide range of alternatives for quickly selling your Kansas City house. Why not give us a call today?

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