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5 Ways to Deal With Bad Tenants in Kansas City

5 Ways to Deal With Bad Tenants in Kansas City

Anyone who’s been a landlord for any length of item knows that headaches and hassles are simply part of the job description. And number-one among those headaches/hassles is problem tenants. For truly bad tenants in Kansas City, eviction is always an option. But that can be a lengthy and expensive process, so it’s better to find other ways to deal with bad tenants to solve the problems. Below, you’ll find 5 ways to deal with bad tenants in Kansas City in order to avoid having to have recourse to eviction.

1. Tenants Who Won’t Pay

Dealing with non-paying tenants in Kansas City can significantly impact your cash flow. It’s important to understand that tenants may fail to pay rent for various reasons, often not out of malicious intent. Industry experts emphasize that tenants may withhold rent due to cash flow shortages, temporary unemployment, or disputes over repairs and maintenance. Effective communication is key in addressing this issue, with an emphasis on negotiating and understanding the tenant’s situation.

As a landlord, there are several options available to address this issue. One effective solution is to establish a payment plan to assist tenants in managing their payments. For example, in cases where tenants are facing financial difficulties…

  • Offering a flexible payment policy by accepting a partial payment from a resident once per year
  • Prorating late fees and delinquent rent over the remaining period of the tenant’s lease
  • Providing the option for weekly partial payments as an alternative to larger monthly payments
  • Utilizing the security deposit to cover delinquent rent payments

One alternative is to adjust the living arrangements of tenants. In cases where tenants struggle to afford the rent, landlords have the option to pair them with roommates or relocate them to smaller, more affordable units.

2. Tenants Having Problems With Other Tenants

Dealing with problematic tenants in Kansas City can be a challenging task for property owners. Despite thorough screening processes, loud or obnoxious tenants can sometimes slip through, causing disruptions for both landlords and other tenants.

One effective approach to handling such situations is to initially encourage tenants to resolve conflicts amongst themselves. Including a clause in the lease agreement that emphasizes the importance of amicably settling disputes can be beneficial. This clause should highlight the potential consequences of escalating issues and the impact it may have on all parties involved.

If intervention becomes necessary, mediation can be a useful tool. By calmly explaining the potential outcomes and emphasizing the collective responsibility of maintaining a harmonious living environment, landlords can facilitate conflict resolution. It is crucial to have clear property regulations and rules outlined in the lease agreement to address such disputes effectively.

3. Tenants Who Pay Late

While some tenants in Kansas City may consistently pay rent late, it’s important to approach the situation with understanding. Late payments could stem from innocent reasons such as forgetfulness rather than intentional non-payment.

One recommended strategy is to have a conversation with these tenants to understand their circumstances and reasons for the delay. Consider waiving late fees and penalties if they agree to pay the overdue rent in full. Sending out payment reminders is another effective method that may require extra time but can help resolve the issue swiftly.

4. Don’t Renew the Lease

When the strategies discussed earlier for addressing difficult tenants in Kansas City do not yield the desired outcome, eviction may not be the only option.

One alternative at this juncture is to opt not to renew the lease. However, keep in mind that this is usually not an immediate resolution, and it is essential to familiarize yourself with the tenant protection laws in your area before taking this step. Typically, you can send a letter to your tenant informing them that their lease will not be renewed upon expiry. Depending on state and local regulations, you may be required to provide 30, 60, or 90 days’ notice.

5. Consider a “Cash for Keys” Agreement

Another last-resort solution, short of eviction, for dealing with bad tenants in Kansas City is the “cash for keys” agreement. It will cost you, but it will also get a bad tenant out of your hair and solve the problem. “A cash for keys agreement is a legally binding contract, whereby you pay a tenant a lump sum of money, and their lease is canceled, and they have to move out of your property.”

But, you may be wondering, why should you pay a bad tenant to move out? For the simple reason that it makes financial sense.

“It can easily cost $5,000 to evict a tenant and take months to do so. If you can just pay $1,000 and have a bad tenant move out within a week, you’ll be able to save a bunch of money – and start renting your property to a more qualified tenant right away.”

When dealing with troublesome tenants in Kansas City, a “cash for keys” agreement can be a viable alternative to eviction. This approach involves offering a lump sum to the tenant in exchange for voluntarily vacating the property, thereby ending the lease agreement.

Although the idea of paying a problematic tenant to leave may seem counterintuitive, it can offer significant benefits from a financial perspective. Evicting a tenant can incur expenses of up to $5,000 and take several months to complete. In contrast, providing a one-time payment of $1,000 could prompt the tenant to move out promptly, allowing you to minimize costs and quickly find a more suitable replacement.

But Be Careful . . . 

When it comes to addressing troublesome tenants, it’s vital to consider the legal aspects and consequences of your chosen approach. Tenant-protection laws have significantly expanded in recent years, necessitating a thorough understanding. Consulting with a seasoned Kansas City investor is the wisest move to clarify your rights and limitations as a landlord. For expert guidance on handling difficult tenants in Kansas City, reach out to us today at 816-237-0869.

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