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Common Myths About Cash Home Buyers That Aren’t True

Many people think cash home buyers are just looking to make a quick buck. The truth is, Kansas City home buyers offer many benefits that can’t be found elsewhere in the real estate market. But, unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know what they can do for them and their property, which is mainly driven by common misconceptions.

So you’re ready to sell a home fast? Great! But are you aware of the myths surrounding selling a house fast that aren’t true? We break down some common myths about cash home buyers so you can avoid being misled.

Cash Home Buyers Won’t Get You Fair Market Value

This is by far the most common myth we hear. In reality, cash home buyers are looking for properties that they can flip quickly without investing too much time or money into them and will often pay more than market value because they want a quick return on their investment.

This myth comes from people who have had negative experiences with cash deals where the buyer didn’t follow through with the transaction or paid less than he’d offered initially.

Cash Home Buyers Only Buy Houses in Foreclosure

This is another one of the most common myths. Cash home buyers will buy houses at foreclosure if they are cash sales and the price is right, but they also consider other options when looking to purchase a house.

They can buy a variety of properties, including cash-flowing rental property and houses, from individuals who want to sell a home fast for any reason – not just to avoid foreclosure.

It Takes Too Long for Cash House Buyers to Close on Your House

Cash home buyers are cash purchasers, but they will still need to go through the formalities of purchasing a house. A cash buyer for your property won’t make you wait any longer than if it were an all-cash sale with another type of purchaser.

You Need Good Credit

Cash home buyers don’t need to worry about your credit score. A cash buyer in Kansas City is just interested in good value and will pay cash once you have agreed on the price and other formalities.

You Need to Repair Before Selling

Most cash home buyers purchase houses “as is.” You don’t have to make any repairs before cash house buyers buy your property.

Remember, they are the most flexible homebuyers of all. They don’t care about what’s wrong with your house because they’ll buy it regardless! When you sell a house for cash, there is no need to worry about costly repairs or pricey updates. This can be freeing and beneficial financially speaking, especially if you are selling a home to avoid foreclosure or selling a house you inherited.

Cash House Buyers Don’t Need to Do Inspections

Cash home buyers will still want to know what they’re buying before closing on a property and paying cash. That’s why it’s best for them to have an inspection done ahead of time that tells them everything about the house before buying.

Cash Home Buyers Are Scam Artists

The cash buyer industry is unfairly and inaccurately stigmatized by those few who take advantage of their clients. Cash buyers are legitimate real estate investors looking for a new investment opportunity. Remember, a cash home buyer is a cash purchaser. They want to pay cash because they know how much cash means to sellers in today’s market, and they don’t want the hassle of waiting for loan approval or an appraisal. They also do not want to wait and miss out on a potential deal.

Want to Sell a Home Fast?

Selling your home to a cash buyer is an effective way of avoiding foreclosure or deposing a home you no longer want. If you want to sell a home fast, contact us today. We will help make the process as smooth as possible.

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