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What Is the Cheapest Way to Sell a House in Kansas City, MO?

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You won’t be paying a listing commission, which in Missouri averages 3.1% of the transaction price if you sell your house without a realtor. Given that the average Missouri home is valued at roughly $221,000, it is a $6,791 savings.

You want the house selling process to be quick, simple, and reasonably priced. However, in some markets, selling a property the conventional way might take several months and be a significant financial burden.

Most home sellers are unaware of the expenses involved in selling a house. Home sales aren’t usually cheap due to closing expenses, costly repairs, and real estate agent charges. Fortunately, there are affordable methods for selling a house. Continue reading to learn the cheapest way to sell a house in Kansas City, MO:

1. Engage a flat-fee property agent

A flat-fee realtor is the way to go if you’re seeking the best approach to guarantee that you gain from the knowledge of a realtor and the money-saving techniques of a smart house seller. Real estate agents that work for a flat fee are qualified, licensed professionals who often charge less than the industry standard.

When selling your house, a full-service property agent is one of the most useful resources. Buyers will swarm to your property because of their in-depth insight into the neighborhood market and creative selling strategies. Your house will be photographed, expertly staged, and listed on prominent websites.

Flat Fee Realty, MLS My Home, Flat Fee Group, and BuySelf Realty, are some of the top flat fee MLS firms in Missouri. The price of a package ranges from $85 to $799, depending on how many extra services you want.

2. Use a listing service

This is among one of the least expensive solutions on the list, and while it will cost you less, it might not provide you with the best results. Listing services enable property sellers to advertise their properties on an MLS for a fee without using a licensed real estate agent. While this rate is probably less than what a full-service realtor would charge, you get what you paid for.

It is not advisable to use a listing service to sell your house during a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market, buyers have choices and time, so they will take their time to select the best offer and the nicest house. If people have a poor initial impression of your house, it’s likely they will pass on it. This will cost you between $100 and $800 in Missouri because without an agent, it’s your only option to put your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is how the majority of homebuyers locate properties.

3. Sell to cash home buyers

It doesn’t always follow that your house won’t ever sell when the potential buyers aren’t interested. Companies that buy houses for cash have sprung up all across the country, offering to buy your house quickly and for a fair price. These are excellent opportunities for folks who need to sell their home fast for various reasons or those that have inherited it from a deceased person.

However, the majority of sellers do not receive bids that come close to the sum they could have obtained by selling their house through other means. This is a perfect alternative if you’re in a crisis and will need to sell your house. In any other scenario, sellers must carefully weigh the potential profit loss while working with cash home buyers.

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4. Price to sell

Standing out in a crowded market is the most difficult aspect of selling. Setting competitive pricing for their properties is one method that sellers may employ to help them stand out from the competition. Even if a house needs some work, potential buyers are often attracted to a great offer.

Maintaining competitive rates occasionally necessitates lowering the cost of your house, which might reduce your profit margin. However, if you have a house that needs maintenance, including the cost of maintenance and repairs in your asking price will encourage purchasers to pay less for your house and put money into repairs.

It can be challenging to fairly price your house without the assistance of a real estate professional. An appraisal is a qualified examination of a house to determine its worth and appraise its condition. An appraisal in Missouri costs between $280 and $360.

5. Sell to an investor

Selling to an investor is among the quickest ways to sell a property in Kansas City, MO. The transaction can be completed in two weeks or less. While it can save you money on refurbishment expenditures and be a quick way to generate quick money, it has the disadvantage of requiring a significant markdown on the sale price.

If your property is in a serious state of deterioration, you recently inherited it, or you need to sell to prevent foreclosure, you should preferably consider selling to an investor. Additionally, when you must transfer to an investor, hire an attorney and a real estate agent to make sure everything is in order before finalizing the transaction.

6. Hire a discount broker

If you don’t really have time to showcase your own house, using a discount broker is one of the least expensive ways to sell a property. However, there are dangers involved in this strategy as well. 

A discount broker usually uses one of two methods to divide the commission. The first option is to divide the commission evenly while charging a reduced overall rate. The second option is to accept a smaller fee as the listing agent while continuing to pay the full commission to purchasers’ agents.

The first option is preferable for the discount broker since it will increase their income, but it is less successful as a selling tactic since a low co-broke could deter several buyers’ agents from showing the house. The latter is more advantageous for the seller since it allows continuation to attract the interest of buyer’s agents, some of whom won’t work for commissions of less than 2.5% or 3%.

7. Owner financing

When you sell your house using owner financing, you provide the buyer with a loan that they must pay back with regular mortgage payments. You offer the financing as opposed to your buyer using a conventional mortgage lender.

In the event of a default, the residence acts as collateral. The home must be entirely, legally, and totally yours in order to offer owner financing (that is, there is no outstanding mortgage). With this arrangement, you’ll benefit from a relatively high-interest rate and a higher down payment.


There are important strategies to employ in order to maximize your return from a home sale; however, in a buyer’s market, the rules are somewhat different.
You’ll have to work hard to persuade potential buyers that your property is what they want because there will be much more competition on the market and purchasers are becoming more selective. At Faithful Homebuyers KC, we buy houses in any condition. We can assist you whether you are in need of selling your house quickly for cash or want to list with a local agent for top dollar. Contact us today!

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