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What to Keep an Eye Out for When Buying a Rural Home in Kansas City, MO

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The last few years have seen an unprecedented surge in housing demand in rural Kansas and other small towns across the country. The surge in demand has been fueled partly by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made companies move their operations online, forcing employees to work remotely. This allows people to live wherever they want, making many relocate to the countryside due to the low cost of living and affordable housing.

While buying a rural home can be exciting and rewarding, finding a place that suits you best can be pretty complex and challenging. It’s critically important to do your due diligence and research all the vital details to ensure you find the perfect spot. If you’re looking to purchase a rural home in Kansas City, here are some of the key things you keep an eye out for to ensure you make an informed decision:

1. The Property’s Location

The property’s location is the first and most important thing to consider when buying a rural home. You need to determine the ideal location for your rural home and the setting it should have. For instance, if you’re looking for a perfect family home, you may want to consider factors like access to schools, grocery shopping, restaurants, hospitals, police and fire station, and your job.

You may also want to research the location’s climate and the prevalence of natural disasters. The location of your new rural home can also greatly affect its resale value. Besides choosing a location that will give you the best ROI if you decide to sell your home, make sure it’s somewhere you’ll enjoy spending your time.

2. Road Access

One factor you shouldn’t overlook when purchasing a rural home is access to the property. While road access isn’t an issue in urban areas, it’s often a major issue in rural areas since your home may be cut off from main roads, affecting how you reach your property. Having access to the property only via private roads but not public roadways it’s something you should take seriously when purchasing a rural home.

While some neighbors may allow you to access your property by crossing their land, you shouldn’t always rely on them for future access rights. Instead, you should be on the lookout for public road access or a private paved road dedicated to your chosen rural home. Alternatively, you can make arrangements with your neighbors for guaranteed access to your property via a private road through their land.

3. Utilities

Apart from the property’s location and road access, you need to consider the availability and access of utilities when buying a rural home. This is crucial as most rural homes often don’t have the much-needed infrastructure for utilities.

Your new home will need access to utilities like good quality water, electricity, high-speed internet, gas, phone, and cable television. You’ll want to ensure you can access these critical utilities in your new rural home or purchase a property with the utilities already installed.

Otherwise, installing the utilities in your new home will cost you a lot of money and time. For instance, if your chosen rural home doesn’t have electricity, you may have to request and pay the power company to connect your home to the nearest power lines.

Additionally, you need to ensure your preferred rural house has access to the city’s water and sewage services. If the home isn’t connected or close to the city’s water and sewer lines, you may need to install septic tanks and wells to access these important utilities. It’s also vital to inquire about trash pickup and road maintenance when buying your home in the countryside.

4. Codes and Restrictions

Zoning laws dictate what you can and cannot do with the property in your chosen rural area. For instance, some rural areas of Kansas are zoned residential. This may restrict you from using your property in residential areas for commercial or industrial purposes.  

Check the local zoning laws and other territorial jurisdictions that govern your chosen location. Then consider how the restrictions will affect you and potential buyers in the future.

While evaluating local zoning laws, inquire about the area’s future development plans and even scheduled road construction. This can help determine whether you’ll enjoy a tranquil front yard or end up neighboring a noisy interstate in the next few years.

5. Furnishing and Maintenance Costs

You may also want to consider the cost of maintaining and furnishing your new rural home. The maintenance costs will largely depend on the property’s size and its current condition.

Determining the maintenance costs is crucial since you may be required to purchase heavy equipment and tools that you never needed while in the city. You also incur additional costs for professional maintenance services, like landscaping.

It’s always advisable to consider these factors and other expenses when purchasing a rural home to determine whether you can afford them in the future. You’ll also incur additional expenses for home renovations and decorations, so it is critical that you also consider that when purchasing a rural home.

6. What’s Included

Determining what’s included in the property is important, as some rural homes may have camp houses, barns, and other structures and buildings. Purchasing a rural home with these structures and features installed can save you a lot of money since building them from scratch can be incredibly costly.

You may also need permits to install certain features, like a septic system. Be sure to check if the property has any existing hunting or farm leases that restrict or allow other parties access to the property.


There are numerous things to consider when purchasing a rural home in Kansa city, making the entire process complex and challenging. However, with thorough research and considering the above factors, you can quickly find the perfect rural home for your specific needs and preferences and make the entire process smooth and seamless.

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