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5 Ways To Generate Interest For Your House in Kansas City

5 Ways To Generate Interest For Your House in Kansas City

If your listing isn’t generating any interest, then you have a big problem, and it’s usually not just that buyers are not interested. Typically, a lack of interest in your house is the result of poor marketing or inadequate property information – but it could be other things. And the worst thing about it is that the longer your house sits on the market, the lower your prospects of selling at a decent price. So to help you avoid this situation, we offer these 5 ways to generate interest for your house in Kansas City.

1. Use Quality Visual Content in Listings

One of the best and easiest ways to generate interest for your house in Kansas City is simply to use quality visual content in your listing(s). Plenty of high-quality listing photos, especially when coupled with a compelling virtual tour, are absolutely essential.

Here’s what industry pros say about generating interest for your house with top-notch photos: “There is no amount of marketing that can sell poor visuals. Even if you have an endless marketing budget, if the property photos and virtual tours aren’t high quality, they won’t garner interest for the property. So, when a home for sale is not garnering interest, the first thing to do . . . is to look at the marketing materials. The problem could be that the visual content being used to advertise the property doesn’t do it justice.”

Your best bet here is to hire a professional real estate photographer. But if you plan to take the photos yourself, be sure to use a high-definition camera and get the right shots and angles at the right time of day. Your agent can advise you on this. Call 816-237-0869 to find out more.

2. Highlight Distinguishing Features

Your listing photos, besides being top quality, should also show off your home’s best features. The difficulty here, though, is that many comparable homes in the neighborhood or area will likely have the same or similar features. Your job then is to highlight the features that set your home apart from all the others.

Experts recommend researching for-sale homes in the area to see what features are being emphasized. Conducting such an audit will allow knowing how you can make your home stand out and generate interest for your house in Kansas City. “The property you’re selling may have a larger lot or better landscaping, upgraded amenities, or extra bathrooms. Whatever it is, find out what makes the home different and . . . highlight said features.”

And, again, your Kansas City can help you determine the best ways to highlight your home’s best-distinguishing features.

3. Enhance Curb Appeal

A top way to generate interest for your house in Kansas City is to create a great first impression. And you do this with curb appeal. So be sure to take the time to enhance curb appeal.

One of the top ingredients in great curb appeal is the landscaping. On top of that, landscaping typically yields an impressive ROI. But you don’t really have to pour a lot of money and time into landscaping in order to generate interest for your house.

“You don’t need to make the yard look like a tropical paradise, but it has to look presentable. Something as inexpensive as a few bags of mulch or even just a few hours with a hedge trimmer makes a huge difference. A few plants by the front door can also add to the appeal of the property. Make sure the yard is free of any debris and that all entry points are clear. A few hours improving the exterior often has a greater impact than you may realize.”

4. See to the Little Things

In addition, all those little things that many sellers overlook can have a big impact and can help to generate interest. So don’t concentrate only on the kitchen renovation and the landscaping.

Be sure to take care of the many small but important things such as:

  • New rugs
  • Updated light fixtures
  • New switch plates
  • New curtains and blinds
  • Modern mailbox

These things don’t cost a lot or take much time, but they will make your house pop in the listing photos.

5. Market Effectively and Aggressively

Probably the best and most important way to generate interest for your house in Kansas City is through effective and aggressive marketing. Certainly, you’ll need all the standard strategies such as for-sale signs, mailings, classifieds, and word of mouth. But today you have to also engage in effective digital marketing, especially leveraging the power of online listing sites.

But most sellers don’t have the marketing savvy or experience to do it effectively. Our agents do, though. So if you really do want to generate interest for your house, contact your local Kansas City agent. Our agents can help you get noticed so that your house doesn’t just sit on the market. Contact us today at 816-237-0869!

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