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4 Reasons Why Selling To An iBuyer is Risky for Kansas City Homeowners

4 Reasons Why Selling To An iBuyer is Risky for Kansas City Homeowners

Are you thinking about selling to an iBuyer in Kansas City? Learn why the process can be risky and what alternatives you have instead in our latest post!

Discover an Alternative to iBuyers in Kansas City

The emergence of iBuyers has significantly impacted the real estate landscape. Although the allure of convenience is undeniable, there exist equally hassle-free selling options that won’t deplete your finances with excessive fees and costs. Continue reading to explore the risks associated with iBuyers for home sellers in Kansas City!

Less Personal

Considering selling your house in Kansas City? Partnering with an iBuyer may not offer the personalized touch you’d receive from a local agent or home buyer such as Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC. Unlike iBuyers who tend to focus on quick offers and swift transactions, a local agent takes the time to understand your individual needs and circumstances. Don’t settle for being just another transaction – choose a real estate partner who values your unique situation. Contact us at 816-237-0869 to learn more.

Low Offers

When considering selling your house in Kansas City, it’s important to understand the differences between working with an iBuyer and a traditional real estate agent. An iBuyer relies on automated software to determine your home’s value, potentially overlooking unique features that could affect its worth. Their generic offers may not be tailored to your property’s specific characteristics, unlike personalized assessments from experienced real estate professionals. Before committing to an iBuyer in Kansas City, explore all your options by reaching out to our team for a no-obligation offer. We aim to equip you with comprehensive insights so you can confidently decide on the best approach to sell your house in Kansas City. Contact Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC at 816-237-0869 today!

Not Local

When it comes to real estate, local expertise matters. Unlike iBuyers who operate nationally, we specialize in the Kansas City market in MO. This means we have an in-depth understanding of the unique dynamics and trends shaping real estate in your area. While iBuyers may offer convenience, they often lack the local knowledge necessary to provide a truly competitive offer. At Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a fair price that reflects the true value of your property. We prioritize your convenience by closing on your preferred timeline, ensuring a hassle-free transaction. Say goodbye to being at the mercy of a rigid iBuyer schedule – with us, you’re in control. Plus, we take care of all the clean-up, making the selling process seamless and stress-free for you. Contact us today at 816-237-0869 to experience the Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC difference.

Less Wiggle Room

When you work with a professional buyer of a Kansas City real estate agent, you will have some wiggle room when it comes to the negotiations. You will usually be able to strike a deal when working with somebody more local. With iBuyers, they make you an offer and that’s it. There is no going back to the drawing board. If you want to negotiate, the iBuyer is likely just going to move onto the next property seller. At Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC, we want to work with you to find the price that makes the most sense. We aren’t trying to buy your house at the lowest price possible, rather we want to work with Kansas City homeowners one on one to find the offer price that makes the most sense! We want to help you reach all of your selling goals!

High Fees

Partnering with an agent typically incurs fees of around 6% in commissions. Opting for an iBuyer, on the other hand, can result in costs ranging from 7.5-11.5% of the sale price! Imagine selling to an iBuyer for $200k – you could potentially forfeit $23,000 in fees and expenses, a substantial amount! Moreover, the offer you receive is likely to be much lower than market value. To circumvent all agent fees and commissions, selling to a private, reputable buyer is the optimal choice. Engaging with Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC guarantees a fair price devoid of any bureaucratic hurdles or additional costs.

What To Do Instead

Considering selling to an iBuyer? While it may seem like a quick fix for an aging or distressed property, it’s essential to weigh the risks. Although the process is expedited, the financial return is often considerably lower. Opting for a reputable local homebuyer typically results in a higher payout and time saved. At Faithful Home Buyers KC LLC, we specialize in the Kansas City real estate market and understand the potential of properties in this area. Our goal is to offer you a fair, personalized price that maximizes your profit!

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